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sometimes your mind plays tricks on you .. - Chaque fois que tu t'en vas
Je prétends que tu fais bien
sometimes your mind plays tricks on you ..
Last saturday night we headed into boston for this grand opening of this new club. Which I do have to say I love the set up for. It's very chill out in one section then very crazy in another. Anyway, so, we head to the dance floor .. we're chillin .. then all of a sudden I see a girl who looks just like you. I swear I broke my neck looking at her so much for sure it was you even though I knew it wasn't you. My knees actually got weak when I first saw this girl because I thought it was you. It definitely could not have been you. I knew it. It was just my mind playin tricks on me because part of me wanted it to be you so badly. WHATEVER. So, I called kaite over to me and told her that I saw this girl that looked just like you and that I got weak in the knees. I was hoping kaite would smack me and tell me that I was stupid. Of course, She didn't. Instead she goes "awe, honey" and smiles at me.

The girl walks away.

End of story.

I always want things I shouldn't.

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